A possible venue for soccermetric presentations

I found this call for papers at the American Statistical Association (ASA) website:

2nd International Conference on Mathematics in Sport
Hampshire Hotel-Plaza, Groningen, Netherlands
17-19 June 2009

Topics to include:
Econometrics in Sport;
Competitive strategy; Match outcome models; Decision support systems;
Analysis of sporting technologies; Analysis of rules and adjudication;
Performance measures and models; Optimisation of sports performance;
Mathematics education and sport, Optimal tournament design and
scheduling; Computationally intensive methods. The term Sport is
interpreted liberally here and includes: Games and Pastimes; Gambling
and On-line Gaming; Lotteries; and General Fitness and Health-related

Abstract (100-200 words max) submission deadline is 28 February.  Authors will be notified by 13 March.

Here's the link to the official conference website.  I doubt I would be able to attend — travel to a conference like that would be on my own dime — but I thought some of my readers might be interested.