A conference for my British readers

This post is directed toward my British and Irish readers and those who might be able to get to East London in ten days' time.

On 27 March there will be a conference called Science and Football to be held at the University of East London, Dockland campus.  The scope of the conference is as it says on the label — research presentations by presenters on a variety of scientific and quantitative subjects related to football, such as performance analysis, sports science, marketing, coaching, and training. 

As with all these conferences, the most valuable part of the meeting is the opportunities for networking with members of the football industry.  There will be representatives from clubs in the Premier League and the Championship, data companies, and athletic supply companies, as well as academic researchers and other private companies.  Former England, Middlesbrough, Twente, and Wolfsburg coach Steve McClaren has been confirmed as a keynote speaker, which should be interesting.

The more I look at that schedule, the more I wish I could attend!  I can't this year, but this conference looks like something that should be on my calendar for 2012.  So if you can get to London, I suggest you go to the conference.  At £90, the conference fee isn't especially steep.

I just found about this conference from Rob Carroll, a new follower to my socmetrics Twitter account.  Welcome!