2015 OptaPro Analytics Forum: A Framework for Football Career Forecasting

The presentation at the OptaPro Analytics Forum has just finished, and now it is time to display the slide deck to the public.  You can see the slide deck below, with reformatted slides and an additional results slide.

As I said yesterday, the objective of this talk is to present at a high level the objectives and methodology of the model, obtain feedback from the soccer analytics community, and gauge interest from the broader football industry.  Comments and suggestions are welcome, and if such a model is of interest to your professional club or league, please get in touch using the contact information in the slide deck.

Thanks to OptaPro for inviting me to give a presentation at the Forum, and a huge amount of gratitude to Simon Harriyott for agreeing to give the talk on my behalf.  If you are in need of software development services in the UK football industry you ought to contact him.