New SRC site still in progress

I wrote a couple of weeks ago that a new Soccermetrics company website was in development with the intention of having it go live by the 1st of the year.  I wanted to bring together the three SRC-related sites under one content management system — company/product/client information, the blog, and the software and document repository, with some sections to be added as the company matures. I thought that the blog could be transferred over relatively quickly, so I held off on writing new posts until that task was finished. The transfer of the blog content to the new site has turned out to be more challenging than expected.  It's the usual issue of a format exported by one CMS not being compatible with the new version of another CMS, but the web design firm is working around it.

I've been informed that the blog transfer is almost complete, but I'm not sure how much longer it will take to finalize the transfer.  The 1 Jan 2012 activation date is still on, but I'd like to flip the switch before I leave for South Florida next week.

Again, thanks for your patience.