The blog has moved

The new website for Soccermetrics Research & Consulting has gone live.

Notice that I didn't say that the site has been completed.  There is still quite a bit of work to be done with respect to site layout and functionality, but almost all of the blog posts have been ported to the new site.  (But not comments, unfortunately, although we're still working on ways to transfer them.)  In the end, the development of the new site took much longer than I expected, and I'm coming up on a hard deadline on the now former site, so I felt it was past time to change the DNS settings.

I apologize if you sense any frustration from what I've written, because I am really excited about the new site and what can be done with it.  It's based on Drupal so I have more control over the layout and incorporate more dynamic features (once I get more comfortable with CSS and Javascript).  There will be new pages to better present my work, products, and services to various types of end-users.  The most significant change is the incorporation of the Soccermetrics blog and public FTP sites into the corporate site.  It's the end of an era, to be sure, but the start of a new one that I hope is more exciting.

So if your link is pointing to this site, please change your link to You can find a tag to the RSS feed for the blog for those of you who use that option.

I thank Brian Danin of BZD Media for setting up and configuring the new site.