Winning with Analytics, by Bill Gerrard

Bill Gerrard is a professor of Sport Management and Finance at the Leeds University Business School and has spent decades on sport club valuation and the development of actionable sports analytics.  He has worked with a number of professional football teams, branched out to baseball (and a partnership with Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane), and in recent years has become involved with English rugby power Saracens.

Bill Gerrard’s interaction with Soccermetrics goes back a long way, from the first weeks of the blog to our on- and off-line conversations and his influence on a popular off-field metric.  Over the weekend he sent me notice of a new blog that he has started called Winning with Analytics, which will communicate insights informed through his experiences on creating a knowledge- and evidence-based approach to sports coaching and management.  He’s promised to write a new blog post at least once a week and he’s already off to a great start, so give it a read.