Welcome to RedCafe visitors (and others!)

I noticed an uptick in my visitor logs from the Red Cafe website, which is a forum for Manchester United supporters.  This is the post that drew in today's visits, and here is another post on the forum (that one by Rational Football's "letranger0") that referenced this site.  To all of you visiting, welcome!  And perhaps now is a good time to provide a link to two posts I wrote that sought to think out loud about soccer analytics and respond to my own doubts about their usefulness:

UPDATE: The recent release of the trailer for the movie Moneyball has brought a lot more visitors to this site and to my original site HexagonalBlog on which I published the first Moneyball post.  Welcome to all and have a look around.  I am relocating to Atlanta next week, so it will be quiet for a while, but I'm eager to get moving full-time on my venture and my passion.