It’s fleeting, but I’ll brag anyway

I can't quite believe this has happened — I got top score in the MFLS Prediction League last weekend!  When I submitted my score predictions I had a reasonably good feeling about them given the matchups and the scoring trends of the teams.  But I couldn't believe it when I saw the final scores come in.  If only for Houston Dynamo and Toronto FC goals late in their games, I would have had exact scores for all eight games!  And no, I didn't use any analytics skills to make the picks. 

On the fantasy side I really didn't do that well.  Several of my bench players had big weekends, and I missed a couple of starters who weren't in the lineup.  My only salvation was that I had Edson Buddle in the lineup, which probably saved a lot of other fantasy teams as well.  Obviously there's a lot of work to be done there.

So yeah I'm thrilled to have some kind of notoriety on MFLS.  Now cue the slave whispering in Caesar's ear!