Soccermetrics project data now publicly available

Over the last two months, I have been releasing new versions of the data models that support Soccermetrics’ research projects.  During these releases, I have written that this was part of a much larger process to share more code, and eventually more data, with the soccer analytics community.

In keeping with that process, today I am announcing the creation of the Soccermetrics Project Data repository on GitHub.  There isn’t anything there right now, but I wanted to create it in order to motivate me to place data there in the near future.

The repository is inspired by FiveThirtyEight’s data repository, and the objective is similar: to make available select data and pre-processing and visualization code behind the projects, articles, and graphics on the website, allow others to check our work and branch off into their own projects, and encourage other members in football analytics to share their data as well.  Not all data can be made available due to licensing restrictions, but the goal is to share as much data as possible unless there is a credible reason not to do so.

I know that I am not the first to create such a repository, nor will I be the last.  So if you have such a site or repository and would like to make it more widely known, send me a link and and I will place it on the Project Data README.

Once again, the Soccermetrics Project Data is available here and I expect to populate it very shortly.