Soccermetrics goes LLC

Today has been a very special day for me.  I received the Articles of Organization from my lawyer this morning, and as of yesterday my sole proprietorship is now Soccermetrics Research & Consulting, LLC.  A lot has happened on the business and technical side since January; I've appeared at the big sports analytics conference in March, made some promising contacts with people from within the soccer industry, and I've attracted interest from readers and other parties in what I'm proposing to do.  It's all very exciting right now.

Now the hard work starts.  I have to prepare an Operating Agreement, draft Non-Disclosure Agreements, Licensing Agreements, Client Agreements, and various policies on how to run my business and protect data that clients send me.  And then there's the issue of bank accounts, setting up mechanisms for sending and receiving data and payment, and of course, a business website.

I plan on keeping the business site separate from here, at least for the moment.   I will have a link to this site, but I do envision incorporating my blog into the company site.  The site hasn't been set up yet, but I hope to have it ready in a week or so.

As for the continued content on this site, I will continue posting articles and comments on interesting soccer analytics work.  This site has served as good advertising for what I do, and in fact the exposure that I've gained since starting Soccermetrics has allowed me to even consider starting a business venture from it.  At the same time, however, I've started to become a little more careful about what I say and how I approach certain analytics problems.  I will probably write more about the state of analytics at a high level, with some statistical results from certain competitions or leagues, and perhaps reveal an algorithm for a metric or two (like the Soccer Pythagorean).  But I will keep something in reserve for the business side.

Again, thanks to all of my readers from all over the world who have found this website and found it an interesting way to look at the Beautiful Game.  It is a simple game that is rich in complexity, and I hope that the work I do helps to improve appreciation and understanding of the sport — and hopefully, gain a competitive advantage to my future clients!