I’m looking for research collaborations

I’ve been pretty quiet about this fact, but Soccermetrics — the analytics aspect of it — has always been a solo effort.  I’ve gotten far enough along on projects by doing my own analysis and learning about other topics as needed, but I’ve reached a point where I’d like to be more efficient in my work.  I can create more output and do my part to advance the state of the art in sports analytics by working with other researchers.

To this end I’ve started to flesh out details on my vision for collaborative projects.  Basically, I’m looking for collaborators with complementary skills and expertise who are interested in fundamental research on sports analytics that would be presented at major conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals.  You can read more about what I have in mind at this link, which you can also find in the menu under “Resources”.  You will be able to find specific collaborative ideas and projects for specific years underneath that link. (There’s nothing yet, but there will be in a day or two.)

Because I want these collaborative projects to be of high quality, I am limiting myself to 1-2 collaborations per year and a maximum of three at any one time.

If you’re interested, send an email with your CV and/or portfolio of previous work to [email protected].