Marcotti-Summary merges with Marcotti

A little over three years ago — around the time that the MCFC Analytics initiative was being launched — we rolled out a superset of the Football Match Result Database that accommodated the summary statistics of the MCFC Analytics dataset.  That database was called FMRD-Summary.  We used it on a few projects, most notably an early version of our Soccermetrics API product.

Today, FMRD is better known as Marcotti, FMRD-Summary is renamed Marcotti-Summary, and the data schemas are transitioning from raw SQL definitions to SQLAlchemy-based classes in Python.  Once upon a time it didn’t cost anything to keep separate SQL definition files for Marcotti and Marcotti-Summary, but now with the larger codebase it’s best to keep the duplicated code to a minimum.

To that end, the summary statistics data models that are defined in Marcotti-Summary will be incorporated into the Marcotti data schema.  These models will be defined as common data models that are shared by club and national team databases (common/events/, and functional tests will be written to test use cases of the models. There is also a Marcotti wiki (brought over from Marcotti-Summary) that will be filled out in the coming weeks.

I understand that the Marcotti-Summary repository on GitHub has a number of stars and forks.  The repository hasn’t been updated in a while, but now that the summary statistics have been incorporated in Marcotti it is no longer needed.  The repository will remain for a while, but I reserve the right to remove it at any time in the near future.

The last remaining data model to update will be the Marcotti-Events schema (formerly known as Football Match Events Database), which accommodates the most finely-grained match data.  It may be available by next week, but a more realistic release date is early January.