Football Match Result Database Project: Release Day!

This is the fourth part of my week-long presentation of the Football Match Result Database project.  Here are the other articles in the series:

Part I: Selected screenshots

Part II: Motivation, design and implementation histories

Part III: Database objective, design, and features

Part V: Roadmap and call for contributors

This is the moment that you — and I — have been waiting for.  It's Release Day.  I have submitted an announcement to Freshmeat, and if approved, you should see that announcement in a few hours. 

(And here is the Freshmeat announcement.)

Below is the information you need to know:

The project site is located at It is a basic autogenerated website and the formatting is messed up, but the content is there.  (The bullets have at least separated the points, so it's not as confusing as I thought it would be.)

The code repository is located at It was a private repository while I was doing final preparations, but it should be public by now.

The current version of the project is 1.0.2.  I started the initial commits at 1.0.0 and there was final functionality to add as well as some clean-up work. Download the code from 1.0.2 and follow the installation instructions.

Some caveats about what's required:

  • You must have a local Postgres server running on your machine.
  • You must have PyQt and Qt installed to run the software at this time.  I am working on building a standalone binary based on 1.0.2 over the weekend.

If you are interested in becoming a developer, you will need to get an account on Github.  From there you can fork the repository into your local repository.  The code is written entirely in Python with the exception of a couple of scripts which are written in Perl and Bash.

If you are new to Git, I recommend this help page.  I'm still learning my way through the features, too!

You can find more detailed documentation about the project in the docs/ folder.  There's a user manual and a database spec document which will be more useful to developers.

There are three mailing lists for this project:

  • fmrd-announce — A read-only list for publishing major announcements about FMRD
  • fmrd-users — The user forum on the FMRD, for asking questions and presenting bug reports and suggestions for enhancements. You do not have to be a list member to submit a question.
  • fmrd-dev — The FMRD developers forum, for questions about the code and proposals for submissions to code repository

I think that's all you need to know at this time.  If you have more questions please join the fmrd-users list and submit them.  And if you'd like to be a developer, join the fmrd-dev list and introduce yourself!