Football Match Result Database: Freezing version 1.0.0

A couple of months ago, I published a specifications document for version 1.0 of my match result database.  Between then and now, I went through the document and addressed some of the items on my to-do list, such as name changes to a couple of the tables and additional fields to other tables.  I also completed a description of the views that I would like to use.  I implemented several of the lookup tables in SQL and tweaked some of the settings to make them work, which I transferred back to my specifications document.  There might be one or two fields that I would like to add, but I felt that it was time to stop writing specs and start writing code and front-end apps. 

The new version of the document is still tagged 1.0.0, which technically speaking isn't correct but marks a set of specifications that are "stable".  Future versions will extend the database to account for knockout competitions and league/knockout hybrid competitions for national teams and club teams.

I've now focused on implementation of the database and the construction of an application that will allow me to add data.  The implementation will require a separate post, but to make it short, I am using PostgreSQL 8.3 and Treshna's Bond form designer.  The SQL tables and views have proven easy to code; the XML scripts for the forms has proven much harder especially when dealing with tags that aren't very well documented. 

Here is the specs document, for those of you who are curious:

Download fmrd_specs_v1p0p0.pdf (377.4K)