Football Match Result Database: A teaser of the data-entry application

This is the first part of what will be a week-long presentation of the Football Match Result Database project.  Here are the upcoming articles:

Part II: Motivation, design and implementation histories

Part III: Database objective, design, and features

Part IV: Code release

Part V: Roadmap and call for contributors

I have been very quiet on the Football Match Result Database and its related data-entry application that I have been working on, but now I have reached a point where I am just about ready to release it to the world. To give you a preview, here are some screenshots of the app that I’ve created:

First, the main switchboard of the application:


Next, the match entry dialog:


Finally, the (open play) goal entry dialog:


I will write more about this database project starting on Monday — the objectives, the brief history, the current status, the roadmap, and most importantly the code. You can be sure that one of the first questions that I address will be “Why didn’t you develop a web-based version?”