Stefan Szymanski: Now at Michigan!

When I’m shuttered away in my home office hacking code or trying to figure out how I’m going to make money, I fail to notice certain events.  And one of those events was a really big one — Stefan Szymanski is now at the University of Michigan!

Dr. Szymanski was until recently a noted economics professor at the Cass Business School at the City University of London, but best known as a co-author of the best-seller Soccernomics.  In November, Szymanski moved to Ann Arbor where he is now a Professor of Sport Management (an endowed chair)in the Department of Kinesiology, which has expanded from its traditional areas such as athletic training, physical education, biomechanics into sport management.  He also has a blog on the business of sport with Forbes magazine online, but in reality he writes a lot more on soccer than any other sport.

As Dr. Szymanski said in the bio of his blog, “…people only read my stuff when I wrote about sports. So now I just write about sports.”  And now he will get to do research on sport full-time.  Quite a coup by Big Blue.