Customized Analytics

You’ve heard the common refrain about soccer: that it is a sport of continuous play between players who act cooperatively and interdependently, and as such is much more resistant to statistical analysis than other sports such as baseball, and besides, how can you quantify art?

At Soccermetrics, we believe in analyzing soccer from first principles, and in not repeating ourselves.

First principles is admittedly an academic term, so what does that have to do with soccer?

We believe in reducing match events to their most basic elements, developing basic assumptions that describe how match events interact with each other, and then building basic physical, mathematical, and statistical principles on themselves to derive better answers to challenging analysis problems.

By not repeating ourselves, we’ve built a FMRD/FMED software library that interfaces with FMRD-formatted schemas to insert match data into the database, and then extract match data as many times as needed, for as many applications and trade studies as needed.  We can generate advanced metrics that express team and player performance, or even retrieve information such as environmental conditions of matches played at altitude or squad rotation behaviors throughout a league season.  Want to create your own custom analytics?  You can do so, using the FMRD/FMED software library as a baseline.