Travel Policy Statement

I often receive invitations to attend or present at conferences and symposia around the world.  I am flattered to receive such invitations and I enjoy talking about my work or opinions on the current state of soccer analytics.  Unfortunately, because of time, work, and financial constraints, I am not able to accept most invitations.  I’ve had some unwritten guidelines for handling Soccermetrics-related travel, and it’s time to write those guidelines down.

For the purpose of this discussion, “Conference” or “Conferences” are shorthand for conferences, congresses, symposia, seminars, or meetups.

Conference Travel

  • At this time, I give priority to attending the following conferences.  This does not mean that I will attend them, but it does mean that I’m willing to attend them with my own money:
    • MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference
    • OptaPro Analytics Forum (once every 2-3 years)
    • Conferences in metro Atlanta area
  • For conferences that I choose to attend and am not an invited speaker, no compensation is expected or required.
  • For conferences located in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico) at which I am an invited presenter or speaker,
    • I do not require compensation for conferences that are located in the metro Atlanta area.
    • For conferences outside the metro Atlanta area but within a 250-mile radius of the city of Atlanta, I request compensation for car travel (gasoline expenses at minimum) and one (1) night stay in a hotel of quality similar to or greater than a Fairfield Inn by Marriott.
    • For conferences located more than 250 miles from the city of Atlanta, I request at minimum compensation for round-trip commercial air travel (premium economy or higher if available) and at least two (2) nights’ stay in a hotel of quality similar to or greater than a Courtyard by Marriott located near the conference site.
  • I am declining all invitations to conferences located outside North America unless I am invited to speak on a topic on which I am actively involved and no other speaker is available to present it.  In the event that I do accept an invitation to speak at such a conference, I require the following compensation as a minimum:
    • Round-trip commercial air travel in business class or higher
    • Pre-arranged taxi service from the airport to the hotel (and return)
    • At least three (3) nights’ stay in a hotel of quality similar to or greater than a Marriott hotel
  • I attend a maximum of two conferences outside North America in a calendar year.