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A possible venue for soccermetric presentations

I found this call for papers at the American Statistical Association (ASA) website:2nd International Conference on Mathematics in SportHampshire Hotel-Plaza, Groningen, Netherlands17-19 June 2009Topics to include: Econometrics in Sport; Competitive strategy; Match outcome models; Decision support systems; Analysis of sporting technologies; Analysis of rules and adjudication; Performance measures and models; Optimisation of sports performance; Mathematics […]

Real-time soccer video analysis

Marco Leo, Nicola Mosca, Paolo Spagnolo, Pierluigi Mazzeo, Tiaziana D'Orazio, and Arcangelo Distante,  "Real-time multiview analysis of soccer matches for understanding interactions between ball and players", presented at 2008 International Conference on Content-based Image and Video Retrieval, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, pp. 525-534.For my review, read on.  Comments welcome. (more…)

Administrative stuff

A couple of things that I doubt anyone will care about, but will state nonetheless.(1) I haven't decided what categories to use for my posts.  There are general subject areas in mathematics or statistics that these posts will belong to, but also be applied to certain stats/measurements in soccer (team metrics, league metrics, player metrics).  […]

Thanks for the attention

I see that this blog has already received mentions on BigSoccer and  It's been ages since I've been on r.s.s., but I know there were more than a few mathematics experts/researchers who posted from time to time, so hopefully they will able to contribute to the discussions over here.Thanks for the attention, and I […]

Markov chain Monte Carlo simulation for 2006 WC

One application that I didn't mention in applied mathematics problems for soccer is the gaming industry.  Betting decisions and devising odds are two examples.  To this end, here is a simulation of match results at the 2006 World Cup using a Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) algorithm.  I'm traveling from Florida to Arizona tomorrow so […]