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Self-affirmation and goalscoring models

Bittner E., Nussbaumer A., Janke W. and Weigel M., "Self-affirmation model for football goal distributions", Europhysics Letters, 78 (2007), 58002. [PDF]Does scoring a goal in a football match improve the probability of scoring another one?  In this paper the authors augment a statistical model with a feedback term called "self-affirmation" that reflects the (de)motivation of […]

National team rankings using paired comparison models

S. E. Hallinan, "Paired comparison models for ranking national soccer teams", M.S. Thesis, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2005. [PDF]This thesis extends a Bradley-Terry statistical model to accommodate for drawn results, home advantage, and neutral site matches and applies it to international results over the last ten years in order to develop an […]

Quantifying strategy effectiveness in football

L. Szczepanski, "Measuring the effectiveness of strategies and quantifying players' performance in football", International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport, 8(2): 55-66, 2008. [Link]This paper describes a procedure that estimates the probability of scoring and conceding goals in a match from open or set play in a given sector of the field, by a player […]