Centrality at the 2018 FIFA World Cup: Kroos, Xhaka, and Son top the list

Passing network analysis has become part of the standard output in advanced soccer analytics. In this post, I show which players were most influential to their national team’s passing networks at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.During the World Cup I posted passing networks for most matches, and almost all of the knockout phase matches. If […]

Soccermetrics crea contenido analítico del Mundial gracias a DataFactory

Me da mucho gusto anunciar que Soccermetrics va a crear contenido analítico de cada partido del Mundial 2018 de Rusia, por gentileza de DataFactory.Así sigue la relación con DataFactory, la empresa principal de contenido deportivo en la América Latina. Desde hace dos años Soccermetrics usa los datos de DataFactory para presentar los análisis avanzados de […]

Soccermetrics to create World Cup analytics content with DataFactory

I am pleased to announce that Soccermetrics will provide advanced analytics content on every match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in cooperation with sports data company DataFactory.For close to two years Soccermetrics has partnered with DataFactory, the leading sports statistical data company in South America, to create advanced analytics content from their match data […]