Revisiting Expected Goalkeeper Metrics in Argentina Primera 2016-17

In my most recent post, I presented some technical adjustments to my Expected Saves model which resulted in much more interesting (and meaningful) results than the previous version. Last August I used the previous version of the model to evaluate goalkeeper performance in last season’s Primera División. I’m anxious to see how the findings change […]

Goalkeeper Expected Saves in Superliga 2017/18

Last August, I wrote something about my expected saves model and used it to assess goalkeeper performance in Argentina’s Primera División.  To be honest, I was deeply unsatisfied with the model.  It yielded a very optimistic expectation of saves made and as a result the expected goals allowed was extremely low.  Every goalkeeper in the list […]

The MLS Panel at SSAC 2018: Demonstrating the liaison between research and practice

The Major League Soccer panel at the 2018 SSAC was organized at very short notice, but the discussions over the fifty-minute session were engaging and helped to illuminate the tension between analytics research and practice at MLS’ member clubs.This year’s panel was made up of MLS performance and data analysts from the last two league […]