Is the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference still worth attending?

I have been attending the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference since 2010, right at the time that the Conference was transitioning from an intimate meeting of professional sports insiders and academics to a slick and polished cultural event.  As happens every year at this time, I receive notifications from the organizers of the conference that encourage […]

Assessing the Projections: 2014 Major League Soccer regular season

The 2014 Major League Soccer regular season concluded a week and a half ago.  It’s time to look back at the projections made at the start of the season and assess them.Here is what we projected at the beginning of the season – first by conference:And then the single table:The final league table finished like this […]

Mathematics and sports at the 2015 Joint Mathematics Meeting

The Joint Mathematics Meeting is the major mathematics conference in the USA, taking place in early January and organized by the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America and a few other technical organizations.  Among the many sessions at the JMM is one on Mathematics and Sports, which returns for another year. (I don’t […]

Want 90 minutes of action? Play 120: Effective time for 2014 FIFA World Cup matches decided in extra time

In an earlier post I presented the estimated effective playing time in this summer’s World Cup matches over 90 minutes.  (They are estimates because the raw data used to calculate effective time do not track the moments when the ball leaves the field of play.)  Eight matches were decided in extra time, so for completeness […]

Is there a relationship between “mean-time-between” metrics and effective time?

Since I started to apply mean time between fouls and mean time between stoppages to World Cup data, I was curious to find out if there was any correlation between these “mean-time-between” metrics and the effective match time.  I’ll examine the correlation issues in this post.For reference, here is my post on MTBF for the […]