Podcast Episode #3: Damien Comolli (Integral Interview #1)

These are show notes for Episode #3 of the Soccermetrics Podcast, with featured guest Damien Comolli.  This interview was actually part of the video interviews for the Integral magazine project (of blessed memory) and is included here as additional content for Podcast subscribers.  The interview was recorded on 8 August 2013, one week before the […]

Soccermetrics Podcasts now on bi-weekly schedule

After the initial flurry of episodes into the Soccermetrics Podcast feed, I’ve settled on a bi-weekly release schedule for future episodes. The objective of the Soccermetrics Podcasts is to have deeper conversations with a guest than the typical football podcast, which requires a lot of background preparation.  A bi-weekly schedule appears to strike a balance […]

Introducing the Soccermetrics API

We introduce the Soccermetrics API — a sports modelling and analytics layer on top of in-match data sources at varying levels of complexity. The API delivers advanced match analysis of data in an accessible form and makes it easier for end-users to create their own customized analysis tools on football data. This API — also […]