Financial Fair Play and its effect on European football

Thomas Peeters and Stefan Szymanski, “Financial fair play in European football”, Economic Policy, 29(78): 343-390, 2014. [Citation|Working Paper]Summary: This paper analyzes the financial and sporting impact of the UEFA Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations in four major European football leagues.  The authors claim that the effect of the break-even constraint embedded in FFP is to strengthen the […]

MLS Front-Office Efficiency in the Designated Player era

Four years ago I wrote a post on inflation-adjusted front-office efficiencies in Major League Soccer.  Looking back at the post, I was moving in the right direction with the analysis, but I believe that it’s better to compare seasonal performances instead of averages.  In this post I present data for standardized front-office efficiency in the […]

Updating the 2014 MLS Front-Office Efficiencies

In the previous post I presented the latest version of the Front-Office Efficiency metric.  I use that updated metric to revise that infographic that I created for the 2014 Major League Soccer season.The figure looks similar to the previous Front-Office Efficiency infographic with some important differences.  Because the offset payroll and performance values have been […]

Soccer Analytics Panel at 2015 SSAC: Not a waste of time

The Soccer Analytics panel at the 2015 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference was not a waste of attendee’s time and I hope that future panels follow this year’s example.On the panel were the following: Michael Niemeyer (analysis coach for first and youth teams, FC Bayern Munich), Angus McNab (Opta Sports/PERFORM Group), Ravi Ramineni (performance analyst […]

Preview of the 2015 SSAC Research Paper Competition

The MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference has always been more of a sports business conference through the years, but since 2010 the conference has had tracks in which presentations on various topics in sports analytics have been presented.  This year the Research Paper competition returns to the SSAC, but this time with tracks for publications on Baseball, […]

2015 OptaPro Analytics Forum: A Framework for Football Career Forecasting

The presentation at the OptaPro Analytics Forum has just finished, and now it is time to display the slide deck to the public.  You can see the slide deck below, with reformatted slides and an additional results slide.As I said yesterday, the objective of this talk is to present at a high level the objectives and […]