Two late-summer analytics conferences

There are two sport analytics conferences later this year that deserve attention.The first is the 8th European Conference on Sport Economics, organized by the European Sport Economics Association (ESEA) and hosted at the University of Groningen from 31 August to 2 September.  The conference will have presentations on papers discussing — you guessed it — […]

Marcotti tools hit milestone, now loading MCFC Analytics data

Soccermetrics’ Marcotti repository has finally reached an important milestone.  The transition of the schema from SQL scripts to Pythonic data models is complete, and a next-generation set of extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) tools has been ported successfully from other projects.  It’s not a final version, but I feel comfortable with setting a version number at this […]

What is a MLS draft position worth?

Tim Swartz, Adriano Arce, and Mohan Parameswaran, “Assessing Value of the Draft Positions in Major League Soccer’s SuperDraft”, The Sport Journal, 16(9): 2013. [PDF]In this paper, the authors create performance metrics based on minutes played and salary level of drafted Major League Soccer players in order to estimate the relative value of the SuperDraft positions. […]