Football weather data added to Soccermetrics ProjectData repository

As most of you know, I have a repository on GitHub called ProjectData which stores open data from a variety of soccer analytics projects.  Last night I added a folder to store weather data at football matches.Weather has an impact on the outcome of outdoor sporting events such as soccer and all of the football […]

Getting there is half the battle: Draft class longevity at MLS clubs

How long does a MLS club’s draft class stick around?It is one thing to be drafted by a Major League Soccer team.  In recent years, that honor has been extended to somewhere between sixty and eighty (mostly) college soccer players every January.It is another manner for a drafted player to make it onto a MLS roster and […]

Soccermetrics y DataFactory, juntos para crear análisis estadístico avanzado del fútbol sudamericano

Soccermetrics anuncia que va a crear más análisis estadístico avanzado de las competiciones del fútbol sudamericano, gracias a un acuerdo con el proveedor de datos deportivos DataFactory.Con sede principal en Buenos Aires, DataFactory es la empresa principal de contenido deportivo en la América Latina. Provee datos estadísticos de todas las ligas del fútbol latinoamericano (para […]

Soccermetrics partners with DataFactory to create South American football analytics content

I am very pleased to announce that Soccermetrics will be creating more analytics content on South American football competitions, thanks to a partnership with sports data provider DataFactory.Based in Buenos Aires and with offices throughout the Americas, DataFactory is the leading sports statistical data company in South America and the official data supplier for CONMEBOL […]