2017 SSAC Soccer Analytics panel as it happened

Hello from Boston, where I’ve been covering the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.  It’s time for the Soccer Analytics panel and I’m cautiously optimistic about its prospects.Here’s how the session went down.  These are paraphrased comments and they’re created during the moment, so 100% coverage and accuracy are not guaranteed.   The panelists:Hendrik Almstadt Daniel Stenz […]

Argentina Primera: Tiempo efectivo de juego (hasta Fecha 14)

La vuelta esperada del fútbol en la Argentina me motiva a calcular el tiempo efectivo de juego de los partidos de Primera hasta la pausa de verano (Fecha 14).  Los datos son suministrados por DataFactory.A diferencia de los cálculos hechos en la entrada anterior, las figuras son ajustadas por el tiempo perdido cuando el balón […]

Effective playing time in Argentina Primera after Round 14

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but the likely (maybe) return of the Primera División this weekend has motivated me to run the numbers on effective playing time and major referee metrics.  First effective playing time, which was calculated for all matches played before the summer break in Argentina.  Data was supplied by DataFactory.In […]