Effective time in J-League 2016: Club impact in J2 and J3

The new season of the J-League kicked off tonight, so for completeness’ sake I’m extending my analysis of club impacts on effective time in the J-League to its lower divisions.  The analysis is similar to previous work with a slightly different way of presenting the results.The effective match data was collected by DataStadium as part of an […]

Rueda de pases, una visualización alternativa para el fútbol

Yo soy aficionado de una multitud de deportes, entre ellos el críquet. Es un juego de bate y pelota que comparte algunos rasgos con el beísbol pero en realidad son primos distantes.  En ese deporte, no es inusual que un bateador marca decenas o hasta cientos de carreras, así que es interesante averiguar cómo está marcándolas […]

JMM reminds me of what annoys about slide deck presentations

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend and present at the Joint Mathematics Meetings that were going on in Atlanta, where I live.  I enjoyed presenting my work on Bayesian models of MLS draft value, as well as interacting with academics and their students on the intersections of mathematics and sports.  I am fascinated […]