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The Soccermetrics blog started in January 2009 and provides insight into analytics and statistics.

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Do Pythagorean residuals provide insight into best manager performances?

The Pythagorean residual of a team, defined as the difference between its actual and expected point totals given identical goal statistics, is used often to assess roughly its under-performance or over-performance.  But can that residual be used to assess managerial performance, too?I’ve looked at Pythagorean tables for the most recent seasons of the English Premier League […]

A Pythagorean view of the English Premier League with a month to go

After a month or three of collecting obscure data, rewriting database code, and making friends (heh), I’ve emerged to write some analytical content.  I haven’t come across in-match data from this season (yet), but I decided to start thinking about the Premier League season using one of my favorite high-level tools — the soccer Pythagorean.If you’re […]

2016 MIT SSAC Soccer Analytics Panel: Good intentions, so-so execution

As I said Thursday night, I come to these conference panel discussions with low expectations.  With competitors and journalists in the audience, there is very little chance of hearing candid discussions by participants, with the exception of Mark Cuban.  I’ve had some time to collect my thoughts about yesterday’s Soccer Analytics panel, and my overall impression […]

Previewing the 2016 MIT SSAC Research Paper Competition

The MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference has become more of a sports business conference through the years, but since 2010 the conference has had tracks in which presentations on various topics in sports analytics have been presented.  This year the Research Paper competition returns to the SSAC, but this time with tracks for publications on Baseball, Basketball, […]